Saturday, 16 January 2016

Beauty from the inside out

I deliberated about whether I wanted to write this post or not mainly because I felt a bit uncomfortable about it. But then I also thought that gives me even more of a reason to write it and hopefully someone out there will connect with it or take something away from it.
So up until being 24 years of age I’d had clear skin. As a teenager I’d get the odd break out now and again but nothing to complain about and this continued in my early twenties. I have to admit I took it for granted really as I didn’t know any different.
And then about March last year I started to get more and more breakouts. At first I couldn’t understand why this was happening; I wasn’t using any nasty chemicals on my face; my make-up was the same as what I’d always used, at that point my diet was still pretty good. The only difference was I was now in Australia as opposed to England but surely that couldn’t make that much of a difference, right?
For the first month or so I just tolerated it and then it got progressively worse so I altered my skincare regime and when I was travelling I had make-up free days to allow my skin to breathe and getting some sunshine to my face I thought this would clear them up. I was wrong. During May, June and July it got worse and worse to a point you could officially call it adult acne. I have got photos that I took during this time but they’re not photos that I want to share at this point. The only one thing I could identify that had changed was that I came off my contraceptive pill when I moved to Australia to give my body a break after being on it for 8 years.
So when I returned home in summer it’s safe to say this was one of my first stops; to go to my GP and get back on the pill in hope that it would improve my skin. For anyone who has suffered from acne in the past you will know how horrible it is and whilst make-up helps, you still feel terribly insecure as it’s impossible to cover it up fully. The pill takes a good few months to get back in your system so for the next 3 months I was in the same situation of having to deal with daily break outs. It really knocked my confidence when travelling as when you’re island hopping in Fiji in 35 degree heat the last thing you want to do is put make-up on but the prospect of stepping out bare-faced was a daunting one but one that I had to get used to doing.
Only my close friends and family know how bad it got and I’m not making any exaggerations here. I've shown only a few people photos that I took of my skin throughout the year and they were genuinely shocked at how bad it was. So when I came home in October the pill was just about making its way into my system again but I noticed very little improvement. As I’ve spoken about in previous posts I cleaned my diet up massively when I came home to get back on the health wagon after eating rubbish for a few months and doing little exercise. I also started taking supplements to get more goodness inside my body and pretty much immediately I noticed a big difference in my skin.
In addition to this I was also drinking 2-3 litres of water daily and back enjoying my herbal teas. I chose a fully organic skincare regime from The Body Shop and within a month of being back home my skin had improved remarkably. I’ve been home just over 3 months now and also got put on a mild antibiotic for my skin in December and in the last 6 weeks I’ve had 2, maybe 3 new breakouts, that’s all. A world of difference to how bad I was suffering in the summer.
The battle I now face is to not only keep any new breakouts to a minimum but also I’ve now been left with a lot of marks and scarring. I have a few products on the go to help with this and it will take time. I am very thankful for good make-up products and fortunately my Mac range is a life-saver.
So the point of my post is that whilst there are a few things that I believe have contributed towards me getting my skin back on track including the contraceptive pill and a mild antibiotic I honestly don’t think the importance of a healthy, nutritious diet can be underestimated. Giving your body what it needs and looking after it makes such a difference and it’s no good having an amazing skincare regime if you’re feeding your body rubbish. I’m all about nutrition from the inside out. Some people are blessed with good skin and their diet doesn’t massively affect it. But for others; myself included it takes a little bit more work and regardless of all the other health benefits I get from eating well I will continue to do this even just for the sake of my skin.
My clean diet essentially consists of eating lots of fruit and veggies, meats, very little dairy or chocolate, crisps and sweets, no processed food etc. Pretty much everything I have is freshly prepared and cooked. And extra supplements into my diet include vitamin D3, omega 3 fish oils and greens tablets. I'd done a lot of reading online about acne and skincare and many articles referenced the importance of a good diet.
Healthy, wholesome foods.
My skin bothered me a lot while I was away as it showed no signs of improvement and I was a little bit more body-conscious anyway as I knew I’d put on some weight. Since coming home and training regularly again and getting my body back looking toned my confidence is back and I feel happy in myself so I try not to let my skin bother me too much now. It’s not perfect but it’s getting better and I honestly believe the more confident you are in your own skin the less other people notice our imperfections.
I wanted to write this post even though it’s something that still makes me feel a bit uncomfortable given I’ve not shared this part of my story with many people as I think it’s important to share both the good and bad. 99% of the time I’m the happiest, most positive person ever and I’m so thankful for all I have in my life so the majority of my posts on my blog are of course positive and uplifting. But we all have battles of our own, some that people aren’t aware you’re fighting so to anyone out there going through their own battles I hope this maybe gives you a bit of comfort to know that nobody’s life is perfect, nobody has the perfect body or perfect skin; we all have our imperfections and insecurities. So be kind to each other guys.
Photo taken last week. No filter or editing just make up. My skin's not perfect but it's definitely improving.


  1. I can totally connect with this and suffered with terrible skin for years. You are beautiful though! X

  2. I'm loving ya blogs keep up the good work. Love reading them. I read the one bout pt I'm gunner get a pt when I get paid. Keep them coming I like reading them.xx