Tuesday, 12 January 2016


With the diet stepping up a gear last week it was also time for me to step my game up in the gym too. 12 weeks into my training as we headed into 2016 I’d made good progress. I came home from Australia unfit, unhealthy and un-toned so I’ve been smashing out my workouts 5-6 times per week since then.
As my previous posts have detailed I’ve mainly been weight training which suits me perfectly as I’d rather stick pins in my eyes than spend longer than 15 minutes doing cardio. Seriously, how boring is it? No wonder people don’t stick to fitness programmes when all their workouts consist of is the treadmill, the bike and the cross-trainer. Throw me some dumbbells or put me in the squat rack any day over that. And cardio is a bit soul destroying as guaranteed you won’t get very quick results from just hammering those machines; you need some weights thrown into the mix. Anyway that’s enough of the cardio-bashing for now. Put simply, I hate it.
So you can imagine the sheer look of horror on my face when my PT told me that my new training programme (which I’ve started this week) consisted of some additional sessions…of…fasted cardio. Two of my biggest hates put together; cardio and being hungry. Excellent. Now I did some fasted cardio in 2014 before I went to Australia to try and improve my results in the six week build-up. And this pretty much consisted of me dragging my ass out of bed at 6am every weekday morning, doing half an hour on the treadmill and then heading off to work before doing a weights session on an evening. And my only real memory of this is my body constantly being worn out, hating the cardio and my washing pile becoming bigger and bigger. And more disappointing I didn’t get as greater results as I hoped to with doing such a strenuous regime.
But New Year, new programme and there’s very few things I’ll refuse to try (don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it and all that!) so like a boss I’ve taken the advice of my PT and it’s back to fasted cardio. This time it’s a little different as I only have to do it two mornings per week and it only takes me 10 minutes (win!) plus on the Friday when I do it I don’t have to train on an evening. So Michael has appeased me with this approach and I’m all over it, open minded, keen to see the results.
So Sunday evening I got myself set for Monday; day 1 which is fasted cardio in a morning and PT session in the evening. What a way to kick start your week hey? Outfit laid out for the morning session and outfit packed in my kit bag for the evening session. Alarm set for 05:45 and breakfast stuff prepared for when I get home after my cardio. Preparation on point!
20:45 bed time on Sunday (living life on the edge, I know) as I cannot function without sleep and 05:45 the alarm strikes. I’m actually feeling really fresh when I wake up and after the morning ritual of having a quick browse through Facebook and Instagram I jump out of bed straight into my active wear, quick cup of green tea, hair thrown up, cap on to avoid having to make any sort of effort with my face, teeth brushed and I’m out of the door for 06:25. Standard Snapchat video to some of my friends as I moan at how cold it is as I step outside and how dark it is (come on summer, hurry up) and prove how dedicated I am while they’re happily still snoozing away.
By 06:40 I’m on the treadmill, music pumping (well as pumping as Justin Bieber gets…guilty pleasure) and I smash out my 10 minutes; 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off of sprints. Quick stretch afterwards and I’m wide awake by now and home for just after 07:00. Breakfast was on the table by 07:30 and I don’t think my stomach had chance to realise it hadn’t been fed by this point as the anticipated hunger pangs didn’t strike at all. Jump in the shower and get ready for work and I'm sat at my desk for 08:10...just call me superwoman (or crazy b**ch as one of my colleagues affectionately referred to me haha - I actually kinda agreed when at 07:00 I was jumping around the apartment block full of energy and loving life far too much for a Monday morning)
Action shot on the treadmill...
The idea with fasted cardio is to use it as a good fat-burning exercise to start the day and kick off your metabolism. That alongside a clean diet and some strong weight sessions and I should see a big difference on my mission to get shredded over the next few weeks.
Was it hard getting out of bed at that hour? Not so much after a 9 hour sleep. Was the cardio as bad as I thought? No, I was actually pleasantly surprised at how easy I found it. After all 10 minutes is nothing right? Did I get tired throughout the day? No, in fact I had more energy than normal. Was I happy to get back squatting and deadlifting heavy weights come my PT session at 5pm? Absolutely; I will never be converted. But for now, fasted cardio…you’re alright!!

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