Sunday, 10 January 2016

Hello 2016...goodbye treats!

Happy New Year to everyone, I hope the first week of 2016 is treating you well. As you all know I eat pretty clean anyway but as of this week my dieting game has stepped up a gear and for the foreseeable future I’ll be eating 100% clean. For the last couple of months I’ve been living by the 80-20 rule (80% clean and 20% of whatever else I fancy) so my diet hasn’t been bad overall but now it’s time to remove any cheats and treats for a few weeks.
The purpose of me doing this is to really shred any excess body fat and see how good I can get my body looking. By 100% clean I mean cutting out all the obvious bad stuff such as chocolate, sweets, biscuits, cake etc. and then also cutting back on certain carbs and fats and just having more wholesome, nutritious foods.
So in this post I’ve done a daily diary so you can see how I’ve found my first week. I won’t do weekly updates on my diet but I’ll keep you up to speed with how I’m finding my new training programme and nutritional plan.
Sunday 3 January
Today is my final day before the 100% clean eating plan starts tomorrow. During the last week I’ve allowed myself more treats than normal in preparation for this and I have to admit I am ready to get back fully clean after over-indulging. Over the last 7 days I’ve enjoyed Krispy Kreme, Nandos, a Chinese takeaway, pizza and an array of chocolate, biscuits and sweets. I can already feel it in my body as I feel more sluggish and I can see it straight away showing on my tummy but I needed this so that tomorrow I’m totally in the zone. It will be a good while before I have any of these again.
I’m excited to get started and see what happens to my body over the next 4 weeks but I’m also dreading it. I have a major sweet tooth and I just adore nice food so the thought of not having anything naughty for the next 4 weeks is pretty daunting. Previously I could keep focused during the week as I knew I’d have a cheat meal to look forward to on the weekend so I’m a bit nervous about how I’ll push through the weeks when I haven’t got that one meal to look forward to. But when I set my mind on something; it’s totally happening so I’m not worried about my willpower. I spent this afternoon prepping my food; I’ve got a diet plan outlined for the next 5 days so I know what I’m eating each day and most of this is now ready to grab out of the fridge.
Monday 4 January
I survived. It was pretty easy today to be honest. Scrambled eggs for brekkie, steak and sweet potato for lunch and a chicken superfoods salad for dinner. I also threw in some nuts and raisins as a snack, a green smoothie, carrots and organic houmous and a protein shake. So anyone who thinks dieting means being hungry; you’re wrong. You can eat plenty of food it just has to be the right stuff. The hardest part of the day was this evening as I went to give blood for the first time. I was feeling a little queasy afterwards so the nurses were trying to force-feed me biscuits and crisps. Now when a healthcare professional is encouraging you and you feel a bit light-headed it can be hard to refuse…but I prepared and I took my nuts and raisins to have afterwards instead. No excuses.
My first experience of giving blood.
Tuesday 5 January
Day 2 done and still no drama. Breakfast was scrambled eggs; lunch was a pot of tuna infusions and wholegrain rice. Dinner was a chicken superfoods salad again and my snacks today consisted of carrot sticks, a green smoothie, peanut butter on rice cakes and a protein shake. As I’m sat in bed writing this about an hour and half after dinner I am feeling a bit hungry but it will just be a big glass of water for me and then bed time as I have to be up early for bootcamp. Yay.
Wednesday 6 January
Still going strong. So far I’m not having any difficulties in staying on track. I am finding I am a bit hungry after my evening meal so I maybe need to look at what I’m having for dinner and just make sure I’m getting the right balance in my diet. Today’s diet has been a breakfast smoothie, tuna and rice for lunch and turkey mince meatballs with sweet potato for dinner. This was a new recipe I tried from my ‘Shredded Chef’ book and the meatballs were really nice and so easy to make which is great as I’m not the best cook. Snacks today were similar to previous days with a protein shake, carrot sticks, a green smoothie and some raisins. No massive cravings as of yet for anything bad so that’s good.
Turkey mince meatballs for dinner
Thursday 7 January
Day 4 and I’m chuffed today because I had my PT session this evening and my PT noticed a big difference already in my body looking more lean. This is the only motivation I need to stick with the diet. Today I’ve had avocado omelette for breakfast, tuna and rice for lunch and turkey mince meatballs with sweet potato for dinner. My diet will become quite repetitive which is important so that my PT and I can assess it properly and then make changes accordingly depending how I feel and how my body looks. My snacks today have been a green smoothie, carrot sticks and houmous and a protein shake.
Friday 8 January
End of the working week, 5 days down and I have to say it’s been an awesome week diet wise. I knew the working week would be though so I’ll see how I get on over the weekend. Today I’ve enjoyed scrambled eggs for breakfast, a healthy homemade chicken curry for lunch with some wholegrain rice and for dinner I went to my parent’s house having given firm instructions of what I’m allowed or not. My mum’s a star and checks everything with me before making it to make sure it fits with my plan so tonight was chicken in herbs and some vegetables. I had some natural fat-free yoghurt and raspberries for dessert. My snacks today were carrot sticks and houmous, peanut butter on rice cakes and a green smoothie. No protein shake today as it’s my rest day and I normally have this within 30 minutes of training. I miss training when I have a rest day but my body definitely needs it today.
Saturday 9 February
Onto the weekend and today I’ve felt surprisingly ok at being on my diet. Saturday was always going to be my toughest day as I’d normally have a cheat meal but not this week and I haven’t missed it really. Today’s meals were scrambled eggs for breakfast, protein pancakes for lunch and I was permitted to have a jacket potato with tuna sweetcorn for dinner. So a bit of a treat as I won’t normally have potato but it’s not pizza is it? Snacks have been a protein shake, a small smoothie, dried mango and my friend and I made some protein truffles as a treat (details on my recipe page).
Saturday's circuit session with Lucy
Sunday 10 February
Final day of the week and pleased to say so far it’s been a doddle. Today I’ve had scrambled eggs for brekkie, a green smoothie for lunch and tonight I’ll be having a chicken superfoods salad. I had a protein shake after the gym and some protein truffles as a snack and later on if I need a little something to eat after dinner it will probably be some nuts and raisins.
So overall I’m one week into my diet and feeling awesome. More energy, more alert, my body feels so much leaner in just one week and my performance in the gym has really improved (not just due to the diet but I think it’s helped). As I’ve had such a good week I’m really motivated for this next week too and determined to stay on track. Throughout the week I’ve been having a litre of lemon water within the first hour of waking up and then throughout the day drinking 2 more litres of water plus a couple of herbal teas. I have a normal tea (milk, no sugar) with my breakfast and sometimes if I fancy one after my evening meal but these are the only things I drink.
Week 1 comparison pics. Not heaps of difference in my body yet but I feel much more leaner and I know I'm on the right track...
I’ll keep you posted as the weeks go on…


  1. Well done you! Can't wait until you start making mine!! X

  2. I bought loads of healthy snacks today at the supermarket, you would be proud! Nuts, celery, carrots, houmous, olives, low fat crisps...I am trying!

  3. I bought loads of healthy snacks today at the supermarket, you would be proud! Nuts, celery, carrots, houmous, olives, low fat crisps...I am trying!