Thursday, 25 February 2016

It never gets just get stronger!!

I’m conscious my last few posts have been a little ‘moany’ as I’ve documented my struggles as I’ve got to grips with dieting. However it’s important for me that I have talked about the lows as so often on the internet you just see the ‘after’ photos where people are looking and feeling awesome or people sugar-coat things to make situations sound much better or easier than what they are. And the reality is that’s not always the case with anything in life.
Granted I’m not one for posting sad or miserable things on my Instagram or Facebook page so generally what you’ll see on there is me having fun, doing nice things, spreading the love and enjoying life. But that doesn’t mean I always feel that way or that my life is perfect; because it’s not. Anyway, I digress slightly but essentially what I’m trying to say is that from the start I said I would document my highs and my lows so unfortunately the last few weeks it’s been more lows than highs so that’s what I’ve wrote about.
Tonight however this is a positive and happy post (wahoooo!!). After having a very bad week physically and mentally last week when I was ill I picked myself back up and with an amended diet plan, adjusted macros, an altered training programme and a bunch of additional supplements in my diet I started this week positive, focused and determined.
Some of this as silly as it sounds is simply because I’m now being allowed a cheat meal on a weekend. Mentally I feel more in control knowing I can look forward to that on a weekend. And I also knew I had to at least give my new diet a go even though it has involved a calorie drop and the week before I was absolutely against that as I felt so rubbish; I’m not one that will quit before I’ve even started.
So as of Monday this week I’ve been on 1150 kcals per day and this involves having the same meals each day to level my body out. Breakfast is eggs and blueberries; lunch is chicken and veggies, dinner is chicken, sweet potato and green beans and then my mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks are rice cakes with peanut butter and tuna with cucumber. Also after training I have a protein shake and caramel snack-a-jacks (my favourite time of the day haha). I’m not going to lie it’s a bit dull but I can eat regularly and apart from a little hunger here and there, it’s actually not too depleting.
In terms of macronutrients, up until this week I’ve been having higher carbs and lower fats. We wanted to try this for a few weeks to see how my body reacted. Overall we’ve figured out that this just does not suit my body. I felt bloated, ‘soft’ in my appearance and up and down with my energy levels. Some people’s bodies react better to high fats and my PT thought this might be the case with me after watching my body change over the previous weeks and months so we decided to give this a go.
Even in just a few days I can feel a huge difference with it. My body feels leaner and tighter; I have more consistent energy levels and just overall feel much better in myself. Because I’m on reduced calories we’ve added quite a lot of branch chain amino acids and glutamine into my diet through supplements and these are helping massively too.
A shot from tonight's training session...getting more definition in my back
Despite hating the diet previously I’ve always loved my training. It’s my release. It’s my time for me and it’s my break from the world. However a couple of weeks ago I found myself not looking forward to training as my body felt so weak that I just couldn’t face going. I knew at that point something had to change as I wasn’t prepared to risk losing my love for training. I normally do Bootcamp on a Wednesday morning which is a killer of a class. But now I’m also doing 3 additional mornings of fasted cardio per week as well as 3-4 weight training sessions and then a high intensity cardio based circuit on a weekend my body just wasn’t recovering enough. So we decided to drop the Bootcamp. I really miss the class already as we have a bit of a Bootcamp family going on as we all go every week and you become friendly with the others in the group. I have to admit it disappointed me a little yesterday when I was leaving the gym just as Bootcamp was starting (we’ve replaced it for 30 minutes steady state fasted cardio instead) and I could see everyone warming up as I left. But it’s got to be done and my body has felt so much better for it. It was just too much of an attack on my nervous system without allowing for adequate recovery so it was massively impacting on my performance.
So yes I know I’m only 4 days into this new programme and it is early days but already mentally I feel a massive difference and that for me is gold. Up until now I’ve not felt completely happy with how things were going, I didn’t feel in control (which anyone who knows me knows I’m a self-confessed control freak) and it just didn’t feel right. This time it does. Something just feels different and I feel happier and like it’s more sustainable for the time period I’m doing it.
I’m also mega excited for my cheat on Saturday night. I’m going away for the night so I’ll be good all day on Saturday and then on the evening we’re booked into a gorgeous pub in the Yorkshire Dales that serves up delicious home cooked food and no doubt an array of yummy homemade desserts too (heaven). So I will be partaking in a cheat, whilst ensuring I don’t go too overboard (don’t worry Michael the 1800 kcals will not be exceeded). And in preparation I’ll be doing a high intensity workout on Saturday morning that will keep my fat burning for a while and we’ll be no doubt getting out and about enjoying the Yorkshire countryside over a few walks so that should burn off the extra calories.
It’s been a tough few weeks for me, tougher than I ever imagined dieting would be. But I’ve hopefully come through the other side now. It’s trial and error. Finding what works with your body and what doesn’t quite work. But if you’re in a similar position to what I was, no matter what your goals are, where you’re a bit disillusioned and fed up with things and frustrated just stick at it. Even if that means changing things up a little either with your diet or with your training; just stick with it. It’s not easy and it drives you crazy sometimes but as my PT said to me at the end of my session tonight ‘in order to get what you’ve never had you’ve got to do something you’ve never done’
Another one from tonight
Enjoy your weekend guys…

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