Sunday, 7 February 2016

Winter Warrior 2016

Yesterday I took part in my first event of 2016. Winter Warrior down at Donington Park in the East Midlands. Wow; what a fun day we had.
I signed up to this a few weeks ago (Winter Warrior 2016) with a group from my gym as a bit of a mini-challenge but more so just to have some fun and enjoy the experience. I do question myself a little bit when I say ‘enjoy the experience’ as I found myself bear-crawling through mud and wading through the filthiest waist-deep water I’ve ever seen but I can’t lie; I absolutely loved it.
Personally, my training and events that I do are a bit of a release for me. I work hard all week in a high pressured job where I do have to look presentable all the time and act in a professional manner. And I have a lot of responsibility for my age. So yesterday it was nice to just be able to throw on my gear, get out in the wind and rain, roll about in some mud for an hour and just act like a 20-something year old for a change. Yep I’m officially crazy.
The course was 5km with 37 obstacles along the way ranging from balance beams, monkey bars, climbing up hills with ropes, jumping walls and going down slides. And you can always rely on the good old British weather to make the event just that bit more fun as the rain poured down, the wind lashed in our faces and temperatures dropped near to freezing. It made it all the more fun though; I mean who wants to do that course in lovely warm sunshine hey?
Our day started at 9am with a meet up at the gym (and a quick pre-event weigh in for me) and then we made our way down the M1 to Donington.
Scared and excited on our way...
It was all systems go when we arrived getting kitted up, numbered up and of course the obligatory selfies before we set off. Our group was in the 11:30 heat so the previous runners had definitely made sure the course was nice and mashed up for us when we set off.
Numbered up and ready to go
Group shot
There were about 8 of us in our group with a range of ages and abilities. I’d definitely recommend doing events like these in a group if you’re thinking of doing one. It makes it so much more fun and you help each other through the obstacles. And once we’d set off and got into the spirit of things you soon forget about the cold and you have no option but to just throw yourself into it…literally. It took us around an hour to get through the course and I don’t think I’ve quite got rid of all the mud I picked up along the way despite 4 showers since we got home. I’m still finding it…and some new bruises in questionable places this evening.
Muddied up but still smiling
For anyone who’s thinking about doing something similar I’d say to go for it. The course itself wasn’t that difficult, especially with some help from your friends along the way and sometimes it’s nice to just throw caution to the wind and get out there and have some fun.
One quote has always stuck in my head since I heard it and I try and remind myself of it every now and again in between the chores of daily life which of course you’ve just got to do sometimes…
“When you stop doing things for fun then you might as well be dead”
Not everything always has to have a purpose and this is something I’m learning to appreciate in life. Sometimes you can just do things because they’re fun to do for that moment, you don’t need any other reason.
Hope you’ve all had great weekends.

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