Sunday, 8 May 2016

The exciting stuff...

I can’t believe that the day is almost here. 18 weeks of sheer hard work, determination, dedication, preparation, commitment, sacrifice and willpower. And now just 2 weeks to go.
I am actually so excited writing this post; which I know makes a rare change as normally I’m moaning and crying about my struggles right? LOL. It’s really nice now it’s got to this stage that I’m getting to do all the exciting bits in preparation for the big day and starting to see some of the hard work come together. (I talk about the big day like it’s my wedding…well I’m not going to be having one of those for a while I don’t imagine so for now this will take it’s place).
After a tough week last week this one has been much better and I’ve felt much more energised, upbeat and in a good place with the whole thing. I got my photos back on Friday from the photoshoot I had last week and overall was pleased with the images. Naturally, I think one of the negatives of bodybuilding is that you’re always striving for more. In the last few weeks I’ve noticed big changes week on week in my body and so even looking at the photos from last week I don’t think I looked as lean as what I should have. And part of that is because even over the last 10 days since the shoot, I’ve leaned out a lot. But it’s great to capture some photos from such an important period of my life and to always have those to look back on.

Yesterday I went to try on my figure suit again and once again I fell in love with it. It’s simply stunning and Joanne Todd (check out Chalk & Diamonds via my Facebook page) has done a fantastic job with it. Just a few more diamantes to be applied over the next couple of days and then I can finally bring her home. I can now start to visualise what I might look like on stage in the figure suit now I’ve seen it almost complete and now my body is near to where it needs to be. Give it another 2 weeks with some peak-weak prep thrown in there, a ridiculous tan applied and the final touches in place and I know I’ll feel like a million dollars when I get on that stage.
Last Monday I spent a couple of hours in the studio with a friend who has helped me with my routine. I have a 75 second routine to do on my own so she choreographed the second part of it for me and now I just need to practice, practice, practice in order to look half as good as Jodie does when she strings the moves together (check out Jodie Travis’ Dance Xplosion via my Facebook page). Every morning this week, around my fasted cardio I’ve done 15 minutes practice on my routine and now I just have to engrave it in my mind as I know it’s going to be completely different when I step out on stage in front of a big audience, with the spotlights on me. The routine just needs to be second nature to me so that’s a big focus of mine right now.
Today is supposed to be my rest day but I’ll be heading into the studio to spend a bit longer perfecting it and getting the first half of the routine sorted too. I’ll also be taking my posing shoes in with me to practice my mandatory poses on a wooden floor. I’ve been posing in my shoes at home on the carpet but it’s obviously very different on wooden flooring or on stage-material so I need to get more familiar with that.
The final few bits that I need for the show have been bought so this week I ordered my Dream Tan which is going to turn me into a crazy shade of brown haha. Accompanying that is some additional shimmer lotion, some baby oil and then a few tools to not only get the tan off my figure suit afterwards but more importantly to get the stuff off me pretty quick so I don’t have to head back into the office a couple of days after comp looking tantastic.
There’s a few specific items of food and drink that I need to have on the day and in the days leading up to my show so I’ve got those in. And the stash for post-competition is coming on very nicely. A bit too nicely I think as I just keep thinking of more things that I might want that evening and I just don’t want to risk me not getting something and then it getting to post-comp and me craving it. Literally, what the girl wants after that show she WILL have. It’s all stashed away safely at my Mum’s house so not to have any temptation around me. Although I’ve not yet managed to take the Nutella, Galaxy chocolate bar and Drumstick squashies around that I bought yesterday so they’re hidden away in my spare room for now.
The post-comp stash is coming along nicely...
It’s weird that actually I’m not craving them at all. I think because I know the competition is only 2 weeks away so I don’t have long to wait, it certainly helps with any cravings. Whereas yesterday I was really desperate for my steak and jacket potato that I have on a Saturday evening to refeed my body. Right now I’m craving what my body needs for another big week that’s coming up so I just want to do the best for my body and give it everything that will help it be where it needs to be.
The lack of craving I think is a mixture of the above and also a couple of other things. Obviously the longer you go without things the physical cravings do wear off despite simultaneously being desperate to have some bad stuff after waiting for so long. And also because I am LOVING being so lean at the moment. Yesterday morning I weighed in at 44.3kg which is the lowest I’ve ever been and whilst at times I do feel a little too thin overall I’m so happy and confident with how my body looks. My abs have finally started to come through properly this week and I cannot tell you how happy that makes me after working so hard to get them to pop and for so long them just not coming through. Overall my muscles are still growing and getting more defined so that along with getting so lean is creating a really good body image that I’m enjoying.
And I have to admit the body responds so well to simple and clean foods. Whilst it’s not a sustainable diet my body has quite enjoyed it. Previously I was prone to certain foods giving me stomach ache and making me bloated. I haven’t had that whilst I’ve been on the simple foods. Last night however after my steak and jacket potato with cheese and a homemade granola bar for a few extra carbs, I was in a world of pain. So I think I’m being very ambitious about how much I’ll eat in 2 weeks time after comp as the plan with pizza, donuts and a mix of chocolate, sweets and cakes is going to make my body very upset. It will make my heart content though so it’s happening either way despite the massive food coma I’ll be going into.
I am getting a little nervous at what will happen after competition as I know it’s so important to reverse diet properly so I don’t pile all the weight back on. And that’s going to be hard as once the competition is over I’ll just want some normality in my life again and to be able to eat normal food but because my body is so used to simple foods now and little calories it’s going to struggle to take much more too soon so I have to be careful about that. But I’m confident my PT will guide me through the process and I’ll do what I need to in order to maintain a relatively lean figure.
But I’m not going to worry too much about that for now. A big two weeks coming up and more importantly the big day that I’ve worked hard for, for so long now. I cannot wait to be up on that stage bringing it all together in front of so many people that have supported me on this journey so far.
Thanks again for reading and for all of the support; it means so much to me.

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