Saturday, 29 October 2016

German Volume Training...1 week down!

This week I completed my first full week of German Volume Training (GVT) so I thought I’d write about how I’ve found it…HARD. And how I’m feeling...TIRED. And SORE. And that pretty much sums up today’s post.
I will elaborate slightly more of course but those three words do surmise the programme and its effects pretty well.
I’d never even heard of GVT prior to my PT suggesting it a couple of weeks ago so for those of you who don’t know what it is I’ll give a brief explanation. Essentially you’re working to the approach of 10x10. 10 sets of 10 reps of an exercise (or two exercises done in a superset) and this fills the majority of your training session. The weight you work at is approximately 60% of your 1RM. If you want to read more about the concept of GVT head over to as they have a really good post all about it. In my programme we have also added in a couple of accessory exercises to finish meaning each workout is approximately 45-60 minutes in duration.
GVT is intense and it’s got a good success rate for building lean muscle mass in a short period of time whilst also building good strength. I’d become a little bit bored with my workouts as I’d stuck to the same style of programme for a while so I was keen to give GVT a go when my PT put it on the table as an option. Due to the intensity I have four sessions per week of GVT and then another session where I can mix things up a little (Bootcamp is normally my fifth session) and then two recovery days (although one is active recovery so maybe a walk or something low intensity). I’ll be following this for six weeks and then we will review my progress.
Generally I’ve found the workouts themselves okay this week; I struggled a little bit on Tuesday as that was my first session in 6 days after being sick but I soon got back into the swing of things and Wednesday’s session I found tough but manageable. Yesterday on the other hand, was bloody hard. I can’t remember the last time I had to sit on the gym floor between sets but I did yesterday. My GVT was focused around trap bar deadlifts supersetted with goblet squats and it was my second legs session of the week so I was in a lot of pain. I swear on a couple of occasions there were tiny tear drops filling my eyes. And then this morning I was on shoulders and arms to finish my training for the week. Another tough session done.
1 week down!
It’s been good to mix things up and try a new programme and I think I’ll see some good results from this. It’s a strange approach as apart from Friday’s leg session the individual sessions themselves haven’t been that gruelling. However collectively my body has taken a hit.
I always know when my body is really feeling the effects of a tough week of training as my sleep pattern alters. I’m a good sleeper generally and pretty consistent; getting a steady 7 hours on average per night and normally just the occasional wake up for the toilet but I sleep quite calmly. This week however as the week has progressed my sleep has become a bit fragmented. When I start a new training approach and body is still adjusting I suffer from restless sleeps, which you’d think it would work in the opposite way but not for me. I also have more vivid dreams and fall into heavier periods of sleep so I’ve felt quite confused when I’ve woke up and been waking up several times during the night; a little disorientated. I know this will settle down in a week or so though.
My body also feels battered. Not huge DOMS in certain places but generally just aching and quite sore. I’ve had a lot of baths this week with Epsom salts and I’m booked in for a sports massage on Tuesday to ease some of these tense muscles. And I am tired. VERY tired. After last night’s session I could have slept the whole weekend and today I might as well have been on another planet I’ve been that wiped out. In a weird way though I enjoy feeling this way as I know its shocked my body into a new way of working and that will hopefully mean a positive effect in terms of muscle mass, strength and conditioning. I worry more when my body doesn’t ache and I’m not tired as I feel that I haven’t worked hard enough.
So I’ve got another five weeks to go. Keen to really have a good go at GVT and see what results I can get. I’ll keep you posted on my progress and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me either on here, on social media (links are listed on my blog page) or via email (again listed on my blog)

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